Smart Sleep - A sleep cycle alarm clock with a Personal AI Sleep Assistant!

Smart Sleep - A sleep cycle alarm clock with a Personal AI Sleep Assistant!

The intelligent way to sleep! Used by elite athletes and featuring the first AI intelligent sleep assistant called Eve!

The Smart Sleep App is the first truly intelligent sleep cycle alarm, and the perfect app for anyone wanting to understand their sleep cycles so they can wake up naturally in their optimal wake up phase. It's the best way to ensure you wake up refreshed and full of energy every morning!

Just set and forget, the app disappears into the background of your life.

Smart Sleep uses the latest in sleep science and includes an amazing feature called Eve. Eve is your intelligent sleep assistant who makes sense of all your sleep data and gives you practical things you can do to easily improve your sleep. For example Eve may send you a notification saying "You had a poor nights sleep last night, here's an easy way to improve your energy levels." Or at lunch time Eve may say "Try not to have caffeine after 2pm because it can affect your sleep quality."


- Eve who is your intelligent AI sleep assistant

- Personalised sleep analysis that makes sense of all your sleep data

- Smart alarm, so you wake up in your optimal wake up phase

- Stunning live weather backgrounds so you know the weather when you wake up

- Relaxing Sleep Soundscapes to get you to sleep fast

- Intelligent snooze feature

- Daily sleep scores so you can see your progress

- Daily, Weekly, and Monthly sleep tracking and data analysis so you can understand your sleep patterns

- Share or Export your sleep data to show your doctor

- Complete customisations options

- And much more!

Ordinarily our alarms go off at a fixed time regardless of what sleep phase we are in. If we are in a deep sleep phase when our alarm goes off then we will feel tired all day even if we got 10 hours of sleep that night.

By using the accelerometer in your iPhone, Smart Sleep can analyse your movements while you sleep. This allows the app to know what phase of sleep you are in ranging from light sleep, REM sleep and deep sleep. It can then accurately know when you are in your optimal wake up phase and will wake you up then. Just set your alarm and keep your iPhone with smart sleep app switched on and face down next to your pillow and the app does the rest.

You can choose between 15 - 30 - 60 or 90 minute wake up windows. For example if you choose a 30 minute wake up window and set your alarm for 7:30am the smart alarm will wake you up from 7:00am to 7:30am depending on what time between then you are in your optimal wake up phase. This allows you to wake up refreshed and full of energy, the natural way!

The amazing benefits our users and elite athletes receive from using the Smart Sleep app combined with the stunningly intuitively design and intelligent analysis is the reason our users are recommending this app to everyone they know!

Give this app a try today, you won't be disappointed!

What's New

- Improved sleep monitoring
- Now saves 20% more battery power
- New intuitive screen flow
- Improved sleep data analysis
- Sign In with Facebook fixed
- Updated Daily, Weekly & Monthly graphs
- Bug fixes