BatchOutput PDF

BatchOutput PDF

BatchOutput PDF prints PDF files automatically from watched hot folders.

Create hot folders for various output settings and printers, then just drop PDFs there - and the app will do the rest automatically. Keep working with other programs while BatchOutput PDF works in the background. Save time and hassle of opening and printing each PDF manually.

Key features:

-Watched hot folders for various printing settings
-Drop PDF files into hot folders to print automatically
-Specify locations for successful jobs and errors
-Specify password to open encrypted PDF automatically
-Processing history

Note: This version of BatchOutput PDF does not allow to create hot folders on a network and, therefore, can only serve a single user.

BatchOutput PDF Server, which is also available on Mac App Store, will let you create hot folders on a network and serve unlimited users with a single copy of the app.

What's New

•If changes to the current selected preset are made while watching hot folders, the watching doesn't have to be restarted for the changes to take effect anymore.
•If custom paper name includes the string 'Portrait', the paper orientation will be always forced to portrait. This feature is added to fix some rare cases in which the operating system internally reports conflicting orientation for some paper sizes.
•Minor UI fixes.
•Fixed an issue in which the app could stall on launch when loading the history table.
•When clicking the Start Watching button, BatchOutput PDF now starts watching hot folders instantly without a few seconds delay that occurred in earlier versions.
•Addressed a system bug in which a query for localized paper name didn't return a valid value under some rare conditions, which in turn prevented BatchOutput PDF from working. In such cases, the app will now use the standard paper name.