Create awesome videos of your favorite music!

This is the full-featured version of the popular spektrum app that is taking Instagram by storm. All of the effects and song info display options are available in this version.

Have you ever wanted to make a cool music video to share with your friends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, ... ?

Here is how to use spektrum to make original and super cool videos from your favorite music:

1. Select your song.
2. Choose from over 60 unique and customizable effects.
3. Customize the background artwork and song info display options.
4. Preview your video and share it on your favorite network.

See tons of examples of videos made with spektrum on Instagram @spektrumapp.

Still not sure? Try the free version of this app by searching for "spektrum free" in the App Store.

We love to hear from our users. Follow us on Instagram @spektrumapp or drop us a line at spektrum@cambriostudios.com.

What's New

+ New effects (RING, POP, PLANET, DIVISION)!
+ New background customization options!
+ New icon and streamlined UI for iPhone 6/6P and iOS8.